Sunday, 30 August 2015

Down to the wire?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by the full spectrum of experience which is Scrapbook: a story of art.

It look a lifetime +1 year to produce Scrapbook, how long will it take to get printed?

You decide.

To receive the $3500 we have already raised we need to reach our funding goal on #Kickstarter
before Labour Day.

Will you contribute and share to help us succeed?

Saturday, 29 August 2015

What's up with the guy with a beard and chainmail?

Special thanks and mad props go out to the anonymous individual who took the time on memecenter to constructively and creatively offer suggestions for our Scrapbook crowdfunding - this is exactly why I love crowdsourcing solutions!

Oh, and what about test posts on Reddit? Absolutely zilch - at least thus far!

Are you willing to help this artist-author remain authentic and independent?

Have you ever dreamt of being an artist? This man did. Sixty years later he has published his memoir in hopes of inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Read Jack`s book for free and help share his story! #JWScrapbook

Team Scrapbook?

I dream of meme - true story!

Stumped on crowdfunding?

As always, my wife sums it best!

Can I be down to earth for a moment?

After by being rejected by every other outlet - part of me wishes so hard that we had the finances to simply “astroturf” our Scrapbook Hardcover Kickstarter Campaign and buy the perception of endorsement. Thankfully the other part of me respects true grass roots movements and believes in the utmost honesty. Sure, I may create a lot of crazy banners promoting our project - but when it comes right down to it Scrapbook is more than the story of one artist, or one family of artists, it’s the saga of creative individuals everywhere working together for common goals and a common good.

Which would you rather have - an epic adventure or the power to write your own story?

See full spectrum technicolor animation only on MemeCenter!

Today's Chainman Banner is brought to you by Thanos, the Quantum Bands and Scrapbook: a story of art - a truly legendarily epic saga that begins where it ends - with your participation! Today with officially 9 days to go and one week to our Scrapbook Party at Whytes we are now 23% funded on Kickstarter!

Thank you to everyone who has donated - for everyone else - now is the time to act - what is holding you back?

Friday, 28 August 2015

Do you believe everything you read?

Today's Chainman Banner Brought to you by The Twilight Saga, Bela Lugosi, Bill Compton, the Werewolves of London, the Only Lovers Left Alive and Scrapbook: a story of art - hardcover Kickstarter officially 22% funded on with 10 days to go!

Just got done melting my brain by watching the entire Twilight Saga - which I don't think can be correctly called a saga as it surely doesn't begin where it ends. Ok - maybe that's more the definition of an epic - but where is the motivation, evolution or anything possibly interesting? Sorry, but 10 plus hours of cinematic farce later and anyone with a half a brain cell would realize that  this is just another rehashing of the same tired subject matter into an incomprehensibly trite tale of sparkly two-dimensional vampires and chesty werewolves.

Not that I'm one to riff on other's creativity or fandom - to each their own, right? Just that if you truly want to escape into the story of another other, why not try something real? Something original? Something authentic? Something independent?

Like Scrapbook - the story of real life family of artists - who here and now are struggling against impossible odds to continue creating what they love creating.

A story where real characters face real hardships, make real choices and you truly don't know where the tale is going until the very end?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Is it really darkest just before the dawn?

When I was young there was a time when somebody very important could no longer be there for me and so other friends stepped up to fill their shoes. Last evening one of the most cherished of these friends who would become closer than family finally won their battle with life and passed from this world.

With a lifetime of memories flashing through my head all at once one instance in particular comes to mind. I'm not even sure how old I was 7, 8 maybe 9 - one of those times when my dad must have just needed a break from handling me full time and so my friend took me on an overnight adventure to the West End.

Our excursion started with a short boat ride, made more fun by skipping over waves at high speed and trolling past long-forgotten shipwrecks as we eventually landed on a secluded sandy beach. After pitching our tent, starting a small campfire and eating k-rations we ended up staying up all night listening to the gentle waves, gazing at stars brighter than you can imagine, lighting reeds on fire and pretending they were cigars, finding one of those massive toads the size of a soccer ball that don't really seem to exist anymore and having million other overnight discoveries.

Sometime around 4:30, maybe 5 in the morning the horizon started to take on a pale glow and I asked if that was the sun coming up. "No, that's the false dawn," my friend explained. "The sky will get brighter for a while and then just before the actual sunrise it will get darker again." Apparently this was something to do with clouds and the curvature of the Earth - I was simply enraptured - I'd never seen the dawn before, false or otherwise.

And so we sat together on the beach and just like he said I watched wide-eyed as my first sunrise emerge out of the darkness.

I wish I could say this was a the beginning of a lifelong obsession with doing awesome things at the crack of day or that I remembered anything we talked about that night - but I don't.

All I have is the memory of a good friend who has now passed into history - There is no need not wish this soul peace or godspeed as I know for a fact that they were and will always be an angel of the highest capacity - after all - they put up with me.

Goodbye Uncle Don - you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Scrapbook: a story of art continues... Part III

Hi B - Unexpectedly received a box of old art slides yesterday - was this the painting you mentioned remembering?



Hi Jack,

I have been away but came back to  your charming pocket art. I really love it and have it sitting on my coffee table .... so thank you! 

Looking at "Granny" brings me way back and the painting looks much like I remember it except in my memory she is wearing a blue dress with white polka dots and her flesh tones were more realistic. Perhaps we did the painting together and I added what I wanted. I wonder where she is now.

On a different note, I emailed a friend at the Arts Council. She has often seen the Generals at my home. If she has any suggestions for funding for your project I will let you know.

Hopefully you are enjoying your summer.



B - Hope you're having great summer. Glad that you like Pocket Art - an idea I originally created back in the 70s as personal gifts - revised to gauge the response of today's market. We have been selling some at the shop, but isn't it funny how people can be reluctant to look at something new?

About Granny - the slides we received were an unusual circumstance with colours somewhat faded from the original - her fate remains unknown.

Our Scrapbook hardcover campaign still has a couple of weeks on Kickstarter and has been gaining support - as always we appreciate any assistance and are grateful for any insight we receive.




I asked a friend who used to be the community access person for the Ontario Arts Council about funding and am forwarding her reply which regrettably is not too helpful.


> Date: August 25, 2015 at 8:23:16 
> Unfortunately there is no funding that I know of for such a project. I would recommend 
> that he contact Visual Arts Ontario and ‎ask what they suggest. Also if he has worked 
> with a public gallery over the years or a curator they could help.
> Finally, if a university is willing and able to take his archives that would help.
> It is a huge issue but hopefully he has worked with some consistent people over the
> years.
> Not sure this helps.


Original Post - July 5th, 2015 - "I would like to share an amazing story with you..."
Continued - July -23rd, 2015 -  "The story continues to unfold...

Art - what is it good for?

Absolutely Everything - Good God Y'all!

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Julie Taymor, Across the Universe, Uncle Sham, the Draft and Scrapbook: a story of art - hardcover on Kickstarter now officially 21% funded!

You know, over the years pop-culture has produced a lot of anti-war sentiment, but none so pertinent as first hand accounts and Scrapbook is no different.

For decades now the western world has dealt with the repercussions of not only two world wars, but the real question is whether we are examining a disease or simply a symptom of a much larger problem such as the nearly universal lack of creative expression coupled to a nearly pathological disrespect for artists and their work?

What if stress, just plain old stress really was actually humanities biggest killer? Responsible for not only for micro diseases like cancer and heart disease, but also macro issues such as the sicknesses which permeate our societies?

We all know at heart that we are our own worst enemies - especially when we perceive diversity with enmity - quite simply there's no magic aliens, deities or anybody else from outer space coming to save us  when clearly the lesson is that we must save ourselves from within.

In this context would not the importance of art, artists and all creativity not transcend all other societal needs with the exception of the common threads of  heat, air, water, food, shelter, socialization and so forth?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Bull it time?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by The Matrix, Neo, Bullet Time, Agent Elrond and Scrapbook: a story of art. Why do we have stories, mythologies and mysteries if it is not to share our opinions of these common ideas? In this sense Scrapbook truly is a work that anybody can identify with - a perfect escapism that can be shared with other like-minded individuals.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Winter Haven - Another Wonderful Scrapbook Story Emerges...

Hello Jack.. My name is Lynette.. My husband and I won a painting of yours about 4 years ago.. I saw a story about you in the recorder here on Manitoulin Island and visited the websites.. I was so very impressed with your story.. Our painting is with ice huts on the frozen lake.. My guess is Wosley Bay.. I love the history!.. I also believe I own 2 magazine covered TV tray tables, which have to be your work.. I have loved them since we bought our home in Meldrum Bay and often wondered about their story.. Now I know.. You are truly inspiring.. I lost my husband a year ago this past April, and now live in Meldrum bay permanently.. I brought the painting home here to the island, where it hangs on my wall.. Thank you for your story Jack! Regards...


Hi Lynette,

Pardon the extreme delay in getting back to you - I completely missed your message until just now - I guess that's just how unfamiliar I am with Facebook.

It's wonderful to discover one of my paintings has been thoroughly enjoyed over the years. The scene is definitely of Lake Wolsey where the deep water makes a popular location for year round sport fishing including.

You may have encountered it already - but if you're interested in knowing more about your pieces I recently launched a free-to-read Scrapbook of my work located at

To coincide with this project many Jack Whyte owners have been sharing their stories - with your permission may I share your story, anonymously of course?

Thanks in advance, pardon the delay once again, Jack


OMG Jack!!! Thank you so much for the message!! Your painting is so beautiful and we were blessed to win it.. Thank You! You may share my story for sure.. can use my first name, I don't mind.. I knew it was of Wolsley.. I now live permanent in Meldrum Bay.. My late husband and I have a place on the water, so I moved here permanently... love it... I will for sure check out your site.. thanks so much.. I am looking at the painting right now.. it has a special spot.. inbox me if you ever get to Meldrum.. again, thanks 


Thanks so much Lynette for sharing your story! Jack

Do you believe in magic?

"If the answer is yes then you will love Scrapbook: a story of art - in production for over a year this project means everything to my family because with success we will be able to help other artists, authors, actors, writers and musicians follow in our footsteps." Explains Dylon Whyte, who along with his wife Ashley have just produced this vibrant compendium of his father's life and works.

To help spread awareness for their artist-run initiative Dylon set about creating and sharing a vast assortment of advertisements which lampoon everything from cultural extremes to pop-culture icons and even popular memes, "I know it's not your standard approach to all this, but we're really working with nothing here and I honestly believe that in a world of tired of rehashing the same-old-shit there is great value in discovering an original story - if for nothing else than pure escapism."

Dylon also obviously pursues a passion for digital art, "These days image manipulation has gotten a bad wrap and so I like illustrating (literally) that tools like Photoshop can also be used for good."

When asked for an example, he replies, "Well, where I come from humour is always a top priority - couple that a truly good cause, such as our Kickstarter campaign for the Scrapbook hardcover and you definitely get something which fits my definition of altruistic - good, if chaotic."

Friday, 21 August 2015

Chainman - Ever wonder why do they call me that?

Greetings chainmail fans around the world! My name is Dylon Whyte - many of you may know me from my DIY books and tutorials on chain waves, jewelry and armour - but did you know that in real life I'm actually an IT professional? And that I also assist at my family owned and operated art gallery (Whytes) while simultaneously acting as producer and publisher for our family projects?

Our latest publication is entitled Scrapbook: a story of art - my father's free-to-read memoir. If you have ever wondered where my creative mind comes from - this is your chance to find out!

Scrapbook is also accompanied by a Kickstarter campaign for those who may be interested in pre-ordering the hardcover edition.

This has been and continues to be a massive undertaking for us - For the last year I set everything else aside in order to pursue our dreams and participate with bringing Scrapbook to life, and right now I would like to know if you would consider contributing and sharing our effort?

As you can see from this double-page preview Scrapbook contains plenty of content for chain mail fans everywhere - so please share!


You are officially invited!

Don't worry if you're not in the area - with luck we will also be broadcasting our Scrapbook Party live via YouNow with YouTube replay!

For Scrapbook interstellar overdrive equals a never-ending story?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Final Fantasy X, Auron, Aeris, Sephiroth and of course Scrapbook: a story of art with it's many ghosts - hardcover officially 18% funded with 17 days to go on Kickstarter!

From the start Scrapbook was meant to be a free-to-read online project that with enough support would hopefully generate interest in keeping what is essentially a never-ending story going.

What do you think - should the Scrapbook tale live on?

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Whereabouts unknown?

'The Ritual' is from Jack's faceless series of acrylic paintings - this slide was dated November 1968 and is probably more washed out than the original. Join the growing number of  Jack Whyte fans and collectors to share their art’s stories with Scrapbook: a story of art

Hot off the Press!

Kickstarter campaign launched for coffee-table compendium of Jack Whyte ’s life in art - read the whole article here.

Cathy in a Milkshake with Cronus

Have you seen this work of art? Don’t worry - it’s not stolen - we’re just curious about its current location! Read the whole story for free here -

In the beginning there was... SCRAPBOOK!

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Michelangelo (pre-TMNT), the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Creation of Adam (divine spark unrelated to Transformers), Dante Alighieri, Auguste Rodin, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and of course Scrapbook: a story of art - why keep reliving the same tired tales when you can experience and then participate by bringing a truly original story to life on Kickstarter?

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Who are you voting for - Tweedle Dumb, Dumber, or Dumberer!?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Canada's New Democractic Party, Liberal Party and Progressive Conservative Party, yet another Tweedle family federal election, Skittles - and of course Scrapbook: a story of art - Taste the Rainbow - Hardcover now on Kickstarter!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Join the Darth Side!?

Three Days Only! Found meme mocking 2015 Canadian Election signs - want to decorate neighbour with pro-Darth Vader signage - lack funds for creative expression - started Teespring campaign to support effort! Thanks in advance! 

What would you wish for?

Today's Chainman Banner is brought to you by the never-ending cheese of Dragon Ball Z, Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit, Frieza and Scrapbook: a story of art now on Kickstarter! It's true - we love common mythology because it gives us all characters and experiences to share - but after a certain point don't you get tired of the same old thing?

I know I sure do - over the years I've watched hundreds of movies, TV shows, played thousands of games, on the computer, console, portable even old fashion pen and paper RPGs - why? For the love of discovering and interacting with original stories - well it may be non-fiction, but you are simply not going to find a more authentic, original and independent a story than artist Jack Whyte's visual memoir - Scrapbook: a story of art - anywhere on the planet.

Don't believe me, why not read Scrapbook for free?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Our latest Scrapbook story hails all the way from Sudbury...

Since starting the Scrapbook project we've been delighted with the number of Jack Whyte owners who have come forward to tell the story of their art. Readers may recall an interview entitled "What is the value of art?" did last year with Roger Nash, professor emeritus and poet laureate - well Roger's wife Chris has graciously decided to share one of our favourite Jack Whyte Stories about this piece from around the time of the blue and green series.

The Causeway near McGregor Bay.

1970 - first home, 3 mortgages, borrowed furniture, first job. We’d never had a TV so didn’t need one.

We saved up $250 to buy a dining set, but on the way to the furniture store we walked through an Art Show. We fell in love with Jack Whyte’s painting and came home with a painting but no furniture.

We hung the painting on the Dining Room wall and moved our wicker lawn chairs in front of it. Every night after we put the baby to bed we sat and looked at that painting - for two months. When we did save enough to buy some real chairs, we arranged them in front of the painting and kept looking at it. 

Since then our Jack Whyte painting has travelled with us in our moves across Canada and back, gracing the walls of 14 different houses. We still treasure that painting and the difference it makes to our enjoyment of the drive over the Causeway. 

Roger and Chris Nash  

It all depends on you!?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by infamous Beatles quotes, Sgt. Pepper, Stereophonic sound, Abbey Road and of course the Kickstarter for Scrapbook: a story of art.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

It's not about the money - we just want to teach the world to dance...

Professional artist Jack Whyte really is the Dragon Ball Z Turtle Hermit (complete with Kame House) to my Monkey King Goku - not in a perverted anime way - but in the sense of my first and most cherished mentor - then yes.

Working with him on Scrapbook: a story of art has been the greatest experience in my life and it's my extreme hope that we are able to continue documenting his life's works. For us (if successfully kick-started) Scrapbook will be just the first stepping stone on a much larger journey of creativity - would you care to join us on our journey through time?