Sunday, 23 August 2015

Do you believe in magic?

"If the answer is yes then you will love Scrapbook: a story of art - in production for over a year this project means everything to my family because with success we will be able to help other artists, authors, actors, writers and musicians follow in our footsteps." Explains Dylon Whyte, who along with his wife Ashley have just produced this vibrant compendium of his father's life and works.

To help spread awareness for their artist-run initiative Dylon set about creating and sharing a vast assortment of advertisements which lampoon everything from cultural extremes to pop-culture icons and even popular memes, "I know it's not your standard approach to all this, but we're really working with nothing here and I honestly believe that in a world of tired of rehashing the same-old-shit there is great value in discovering an original story - if for nothing else than pure escapism."

Dylon also obviously pursues a passion for digital art, "These days image manipulation has gotten a bad wrap and so I like illustrating (literally) that tools like Photoshop can also be used for good."

When asked for an example, he replies, "Well, where I come from humour is always a top priority - couple that a truly good cause, such as our Kickstarter campaign for the Scrapbook hardcover and you definitely get something which fits my definition of altruistic - good, if chaotic."

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