Thursday, 13 August 2015

Our latest Scrapbook story hails all the way from Sudbury...

Since starting the Scrapbook project we've been delighted with the number of Jack Whyte owners who have come forward to tell the story of their art. Readers may recall an interview entitled "What is the value of art?" did last year with Roger Nash, professor emeritus and poet laureate - well Roger's wife Chris has graciously decided to share one of our favourite Jack Whyte Stories about this piece from around the time of the blue and green series.

The Causeway near McGregor Bay.

1970 - first home, 3 mortgages, borrowed furniture, first job. We’d never had a TV so didn’t need one.

We saved up $250 to buy a dining set, but on the way to the furniture store we walked through an Art Show. We fell in love with Jack Whyte’s painting and came home with a painting but no furniture.

We hung the painting on the Dining Room wall and moved our wicker lawn chairs in front of it. Every night after we put the baby to bed we sat and looked at that painting - for two months. When we did save enough to buy some real chairs, we arranged them in front of the painting and kept looking at it. 

Since then our Jack Whyte painting has travelled with us in our moves across Canada and back, gracing the walls of 14 different houses. We still treasure that painting and the difference it makes to our enjoyment of the drive over the Causeway. 

Roger and Chris Nash  

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