Saturday, 14 November 2015

What is Pionium?

As a rational and humane being I think that love is an often misunderstood concept confused with lust, attraction, mating instinct and a host of other all-too human experiences. 

With so-called true love being the self-sacrifice of caring so deeply that no matter how close you wish to have something you let go of it completely. Because of this the irrational dreamer in me has never given up on a certain cheesy sense of romance.

This meant that when I truly got to know my current partner for the first time during a weekend expedition to Hogtown we were reluctant to use the word "love" to describe the depth of our newly forged relationship. It seemed disrespectful somehow. Other than a mutual, "I never want to be without you again." Coupled to the shear terror that comes with the unexplored territory of new and profound change.

Determined to correct this potential omission in communication we coined a personal term to describe our heartfelt relativity - Pi. Much like geek letter which has come to represent the ratio of a circles diameter to its circumference - the result of which is a seemingly never-ending and yet ever-changing dance number.
With a nod to the Rashomon Effect - objective, subjective and relative reality from different perspectives as explored in Kurosawa's Rashomon and Yann Martel's Life of Pi.  

Anyhow, just we were slowly starting to use this affectionate alternative to all the perceived weight of "love" with sweet nothings such as "I pi you" instead of "I love you" we found ourselves completely unsure of the outcome of our decision to be together until we turned an otherwise unassuming city corner and simultaneously looked up to discover a literal sign from above.

Seriously, across the city traffic, two or three stories up the side of a building was this flipping huge banner sign for some radio station that read, "Pi - 3.14159265359... etc." We froze in our tracks,  completely lost the conversation we were having and sort of just stared at each other like, "WTF!?"

Then, with a huge sigh of accepting what was obviously inevitable we found our relationship cemented with bizarre synchronicity, were married on Feb 29th less than a year later and have permanently inked wedding bands.

Anyway, here is a special sign for all the lovers and dreamers who experience the Ineffable Spirit of Pi.

Plus, a suggestion - watch Space Dandy - best speculative fiction series - anime or otherwise - in ages! We enjoyed the English dub and I'm sure the subs are awesome as well!

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