Friday, 28 August 2015

Do you believe everything you read?

Today's Chainman Banner Brought to you by The Twilight Saga, Bela Lugosi, Bill Compton, the Werewolves of London, the Only Lovers Left Alive and Scrapbook: a story of art - hardcover Kickstarter officially 22% funded on with 10 days to go!

Just got done melting my brain by watching the entire Twilight Saga - which I don't think can be correctly called a saga as it surely doesn't begin where it ends. Ok - maybe that's more the definition of an epic - but where is the motivation, evolution or anything possibly interesting? Sorry, but 10 plus hours of cinematic farce later and anyone with a half a brain cell would realize that  this is just another rehashing of the same tired subject matter into an incomprehensibly trite tale of sparkly two-dimensional vampires and chesty werewolves.

Not that I'm one to riff on other's creativity or fandom - to each their own, right? Just that if you truly want to escape into the story of another other, why not try something real? Something original? Something authentic? Something independent?

Like Scrapbook - the story of real life family of artists - who here and now are struggling against impossible odds to continue creating what they love creating.

A story where real characters face real hardships, make real choices and you truly don't know where the tale is going until the very end?

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