Friday, 21 August 2015

Chainman - Ever wonder why do they call me that?

Greetings chainmail fans around the world! My name is Dylon Whyte - many of you may know me from my DIY books and tutorials on chain waves, jewelry and armour - but did you know that in real life I'm actually an IT professional? And that I also assist at my family owned and operated art gallery (Whytes) while simultaneously acting as producer and publisher for our family projects?

Our latest publication is entitled Scrapbook: a story of art - my father's free-to-read memoir. If you have ever wondered where my creative mind comes from - this is your chance to find out!

Scrapbook is also accompanied by a Kickstarter campaign for those who may be interested in pre-ordering the hardcover edition.

This has been and continues to be a massive undertaking for us - For the last year I set everything else aside in order to pursue our dreams and participate with bringing Scrapbook to life, and right now I would like to know if you would consider contributing and sharing our effort?

As you can see from this double-page preview Scrapbook contains plenty of content for chain mail fans everywhere - so please share!


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