Wednesday, 30 March 2016

IT has been too long?

Seems like forever and a day since I've had a chance to catch my breath in the midst of immense change for all of Whytes. Our first task started before x-mas with switching apartments - a month-long event of hauling hundreds of loads up and down two flights of stairs that my groin is still recovering front. Completely loving the new space which is a major upgrade - especially with fresh Jack Whyte art on the walls.

Once settled we ended up diving directly into learning "Responsive Site Design" in order to ensure our content remains current and compatible. This kind of dynamic designing has been an ongoing self-education like none other and still hasn't ended - with final edits for both Art of Chainmail and Whytes Online yet to be completed.

Although I'm totally in love with the first draft of the new RSD Art of Chainmail - a resource sure to grow. Something cool about this design is that (like Scrapbook: a story of artwe worked with nothing other than materials we already had on hand and although we later purchased RSD software, the original RSD AOC draft was created for a budget of exactly $0. Yay frugality!

Of course all of this is just build up to working on our free Manitoulin Island Colouring Book and some other secret art projects that we still have in the works.

In the memetime I managed to complete a new introduction banner for my blog and social media network in my "spare time" (see above.)

Chain on!