Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Art - what is it good for?

Absolutely Everything - Good God Y'all!

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Julie Taymor, Across the Universe, Uncle Sham, the Draft and Scrapbook: a story of art - hardcover on Kickstarter now officially 21% funded!

You know, over the years pop-culture has produced a lot of anti-war sentiment, but none so pertinent as first hand accounts and Scrapbook is no different.

For decades now the western world has dealt with the repercussions of not only two world wars, but the real question is whether we are examining a disease or simply a symptom of a much larger problem such as the nearly universal lack of creative expression coupled to a nearly pathological disrespect for artists and their work?

What if stress, just plain old stress really was actually humanities biggest killer? Responsible for not only for micro diseases like cancer and heart disease, but also macro issues such as the sicknesses which permeate our societies?

We all know at heart that we are our own worst enemies - especially when we perceive diversity with enmity - quite simply there's no magic aliens, deities or anybody else from outer space coming to save us  when clearly the lesson is that we must save ourselves from within.

In this context would not the importance of art, artists and all creativity not transcend all other societal needs with the exception of the common threads of  heat, air, water, food, shelter, socialization and so forth?

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