Sunday, 23 August 2015

Winter Haven - Another Wonderful Scrapbook Story Emerges...

Hello Jack.. My name is Lynette.. My husband and I won a painting of yours about 4 years ago.. I saw a story about you in the recorder here on Manitoulin Island and visited the websites.. I was so very impressed with your story.. Our painting is with ice huts on the frozen lake.. My guess is Wosley Bay.. I love the history!.. I also believe I own 2 magazine covered TV tray tables, which have to be your work.. I have loved them since we bought our home in Meldrum Bay and often wondered about their story.. Now I know.. You are truly inspiring.. I lost my husband a year ago this past April, and now live in Meldrum bay permanently.. I brought the painting home here to the island, where it hangs on my wall.. Thank you for your story Jack! Regards...


Hi Lynette,

Pardon the extreme delay in getting back to you - I completely missed your message until just now - I guess that's just how unfamiliar I am with Facebook.

It's wonderful to discover one of my paintings has been thoroughly enjoyed over the years. The scene is definitely of Lake Wolsey where the deep water makes a popular location for year round sport fishing including.

You may have encountered it already - but if you're interested in knowing more about your pieces I recently launched a free-to-read Scrapbook of my work located at

To coincide with this project many Jack Whyte owners have been sharing their stories - with your permission may I share your story, anonymously of course?

Thanks in advance, pardon the delay once again, Jack


OMG Jack!!! Thank you so much for the message!! Your painting is so beautiful and we were blessed to win it.. Thank You! You may share my story for sure.. can use my first name, I don't mind.. I knew it was of Wolsley.. I now live permanent in Meldrum Bay.. My late husband and I have a place on the water, so I moved here permanently... love it... I will for sure check out your site.. thanks so much.. I am looking at the painting right now.. it has a special spot.. inbox me if you ever get to Meldrum.. again, thanks 


Thanks so much Lynette for sharing your story! Jack

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