Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What is Advertism?

In the spirit of artistic mavericks such as PicassoBanksyWarholMatisseBeltracchiLichtenstein, Jack Whyte and other well-known renegades - the self-taught school of Advertism proclaims that product placement has long been a means by which creativity may support itself. Essentially the same as any commercial artistry - except honest about its goals - the difference is that opposed to seeking elaborate sponsorship - advertainment memes are humorously presented as overt advertisements for self-made applied arts projects such as Hero Chain - just one of Dylon Whytes’s unique produced-on-demand couturier product lines and Scrapbook: a story of art - his father’s full-colour memoir.

“If you find that this type of art upsets you this is due to its blatant honesty - and - well - if you’re upset by honesty - then fuck you - your lies - your hypocrisy and your motherfucking censorship.” ~ Dylon

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