Saturday, 3 October 2015

Do you miss Saturday Morning Cartoons and Sugary Breakfast Cereal as much as I do?

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Got to thinking about how much I used to look forward to cartoons on Saturday mornings when I was a kid. Especially the ones that don't involve catching every new overseas consumer trend like hemorrhaging a Ebola  of the pocketbook.

So this week I decided to make my own very Saturday Morning Cartoon - [HeroChain Presents] The Majestic Moose in G Miner - hope you guys enjoy! This was one of those rare weeks where I actually had a little extra time due to Waifu's vacation - so I honestly don't know when I might have time to create a piece this intricate again - at least for awhile.

As for me, today I'm taking the rest of the thanks-for-giving weekend off. Love you guys! Remember - likes are ok, sharing rocks and subs are superb!

Thanks in advance for your patronage (the good kind) and supporting the arts!

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