Friday, 18 September 2015

Have you ever had so much to do that you wished you could experience multiplicity like Jamie Madrox?

Today's Chainman Banner is brought to you by Scrapbook: a story of art and Birdman with special thanks to Multiplicity and Jamie Madrox!

Wow! What a week! With Scrapbook updates in motion across the board it feels like our Kickstarter campaign never ended and somehow we still have miles to go!

Today's good news is that the Scrapbook files are now officially in the hands of the printer - which means the hardcover edition of Scrapbook should be shipping on schedule some time in the later half of October!

Upgrades for Scrapbook pre-orders via Whytes Online will also be complete very soon!

Next up - a full renovation makeover for the free-to-read Scrapbook site!

Will the fun ever end? I sure hope not!

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