Thursday, 17 September 2015

Cell in Hell?

If war is raw then savouring Scrapbook: a story of art is peace of mine.

Wow - can't believe we're still in the after math period of our Kickstarter Campaign as the week melts together working on all the tasks required to bring Scrapbook to life. The week started with an update for the hi-resolution digital version available exclusively through Whytes Online. Then immediately switched gears to finalizing the 6.16gigabytes of data which will comprise the hardcover editions printed pages.

Thought uploading would much quicker, then remembered we live in an era when download bandwidth is wide open, but uploads are tightly restricted. How does that make any sense, whatever happened to communication at full duplex?

Thus the delays in keeping up with daily Chainman Banners - such as this one that was supposed to be posted Monday!


P.S. See the full animated GIF here!

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