Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Are you familiar with the Story of Emeliano?

As I have mentioned numerous times one of the most rewarding aspects of the Scrapbook project has been recovering stories of the art's adventures. For today's tale I asked a long time Jack Whyte fan, collector and extended family member to share Emeliano (one of my personal favorite from Dad's acrylic paintings known as "rips") and they agreed.


Dear Dylon, Ashley and Jack and Sue.

I am honoured to share my story of Emeliano.

We have had Emeliano in our lives for more than 30 years. 

He is over 6 feet tall in his huge Mexican hat.

I don't quite remember exactly how we came to own him, but I think it was in exchange for a couch and some mushroom-shaped stools that were manufactured for our Waterbed store, "Here and Now", in Toronto.

When we moved to Gore Bay, and were building our house, we stood him in full view of the workers, so as to act an an Inspector - ( after all, he had the "presence" and the gun !)

One Monday morning, we found him with his face to the wall, so we decided to mount him in the tiny main-floor (doorless) bathroom , where he remained for 28 years !

When we moved to Guelph because of Klaus's failing health, Emeliano was the first painting that we installed. 

He stands guard in our Rec. room, where he greets me each time I head for the Laundry.

I always feel comforted when I see him, and am proud to own this wonderful painting !

Greetings to you allllllll
XOXOXOX Auntie Donna

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