Monday, 13 July 2015

Would rather have million shares than million dollars?

Today a fan mentioned how much they enjoyed the newspaper article for Scrapbook: a story of art, but wondered how we ever hoped to make any money? First and foremost I responded that money was most certainly not everything  - but in the case of free online products the paradigm has already been trendset by groups like Radiohead with 2007's Rainbows - a free album which in the band's owe words made them more money than everything they had done previously - combined.

Of course Radiohead had a chance to build a following for the content which is exactly what we've done by reaching out with the free online edition of Scrapbook.

First, Second, Third and Fourth - We have 4 different resolutions designed to accommodate every device and connection imaginable - just choose your device - smartphone - tablet - laptop or desktop - Android, Mac and PC - Scrapbook is always free!

Fifth - We have the full resolution PDF digital edtion which is the best overall value in my opinion? Why? Because you get more content than in any other form - including all the dates, details and other little Easter eggs woven into Scrapbook: a story of art. Plus you're directly helping the artists you love create more of the content you crave!

Sixth - For something even more current not take a look at the 1 minute and 1 second flipbook edition of Scrapbook for the modern zero attention span generation?

Seventh - If your appetite for data consumption is even greater then get a load of the Scrapbook Tapestry Poster - featuring all 456 pages laid out in sequential order much like Jack Whyte's Time Pieces. The way we look at it is that if there are over 1000 pictures in our poster and every picture is worth a thousand words than you've just looked at over a million words in a single glance.

Eighth - Last, but most certainly not least is our RocketHub campaign for the print edition of Scrapbook. This is the most exciting venture for me, not only have I been chomping at the bit to run a crowdfunded campaign with my family since before the concept was even invented, but we also have no idea where it could lead. At worst, crowdfunding is a terrific means for artists in our position who are interested in testing interest before investing in production.

Having created many independent and contract projects we are also anxious to tap the potential for unbridled creative freedom that this platform has come to offer as a middle-ground between the two extremes.

Can you think of any other ways you'd like to see Scrapbook: a story of art presented?

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