Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another wonderful Scrapbook story to share...


Subject: Jack's Work

Hi Dylon,

Couldn't resist sending you this today! After my mom passed away in 1998 I was lucky enough to get most of her art!

Kept meaning to send you a picture of my wall! This one that your dad did for my mom is pretty special! She treasured and cherished it!

Take care Dylon!

Not sure if you dad would even remember my mom Lynda Cowan from Murphy Point???


Jen Cowan


Re: Jack's Work

Great to hear from you, Jen!

Thanks so much for the photo! When I showed it to dad this is what he said - "Yes I do remember your mom and dad - your mom really liked the Willett farm - especially the stone silo. The barn was taken down some years ago in a storm - but the silo still remains."

We have actually just launched a free online Scrapbook of dad's art coupled with a crowdfunding campaign to find out if there is interest in a print edition.

Would you consider letting me post your message and photo, anonymously of course? I think other Jack Whyte fans would get a kick out of it!

Take care,



Subject: Jack's Work

Oh Dylon that is so great that your dad remembered my mom. My mom had such an amazing appreciate for art, Canadian art and especially island art and even more so ... your dad's work!!! She did quite a bit of pottery and I think she wished she could have made a career of it!

Please post message and photo my mom would be thrilled. Anonymity is certainly not required.

I myself would love to see a print version and will be sure to support the crowd funding hopefully I will get a chance tonight.



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