Friday, 31 July 2015

Please burn this book!?

Years ago I was wandering up the main street of Gore Bay when I was stopped by one of my IT clients. She told me about how she had been searching illicit torrent websites and discovered a copy of "my book" and then seemed a little surprised when I greeted the news with a grin.

"Aren't you upset?" she asked.

"Not in the least!" I replied, smiling secretly on the inside at my client's naiveté in offering unsolicited information about private matters.

She remained incredulous until I explained my take on the circumstance, "It thrills me to know that one of my creations is considered worth sharing - in today's world this means that the title has real value - I'm always hoping my content is worth sharing/stealing/copying/pirating or whatever the latest euphemism is."

I then carried on about my town chores.

Later that evening I conduct a little clandestine searching of my own and discovered a single torrent of Chain Mail Jewelry. I never mentioned to my client that I had numerous books and was intensely curious about which one had made the grade.

Of course it was Chain Mail Jewelry - admittedly my most popular title to date.

Today we offer Scrapbook: a story of art as a no-strings-attached free-to-read publication along with links to the hardcover Kickstarter, PDF digital download, Amazon Kindle, GooglePlay - for those who would like to have a memento for helping to keep the story going

But if I ever discovered that the Scrapbook PDF was popular enough to be "stolen" or ended up on a pirate site - well quite frankly I would think that was out of site!

So ya baby, go ahead and try to burn my books!

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