Thursday, 11 December 2014

What is forty-two?

Beardecember 11th, 2014

(nü Icon campaign report - Day 2 of 8)
Woke this morning to discover that my total funds was equal to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Spent the afternoon with Dad working on a couple of different projects, one that's been over 20 years in the making and the other over 75! Results to be posted on Jack's Time in time.

Decided to go all out today and try several new avenues for promoting the Dylon Whyte - nü Icon campaign. So with a few of the dollars I had squirreled away from the five star spec fic writing gigs I did on Fiverr earlier in the year, I purchased 5 different kinds of promotion across multiple social media platforms.

For example, here are some posts I purchased from a lightning fast service:

Blogger -
Pinterest -
Google Plus -
Tumblr -
Twitter -

Will this be enough to spark a social media trend? I have no idea, but am as curious as hell to find out!

In the future I would love to offer similar services on my own social media networks and win or lose this entire exercise has been about learning. So why not learn as much about the snakes and ladders of crowdfunding as possible?

Also created the following tongue in cheek piece after receiving what feels like a robotic comment on my campaign that claimed to be a blogger. Figured this would be an excellent time to learn all the ins and outs of the digital seas.

What is The Why-King Way?

"If you wish to know why, ask why until you become why."

Often, it can be difficult to accept that we are the only ones who can answer certain questions for ourselves.

I love learning and sometimes it seems that there are more things that I would like to learn than it is possible to learn in a dillion lifetimes.

One of my many affirmations is "never stop learning" and one of the most important things I've ever learnt is that I know nothing. I love this fact as it means there is always something new to learn. Truly, I cannot imagine a fate more tragic than knowing it all, as it would mean that there is nothing new to learn.

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