Friday, 12 December 2014

Dirty Deeds?

Beardecember 12, 2014

(nü Icon Campaign Day 3 of 8)

Blogging early tonight with a secret conspiracy to take me out into the cold later this eve.

Last night I dreamt of water flowing over ice and freezing in. Later I was working with dad on a project that involved spaghetti and meatballs. Except that the noodles were made out chain and looked funny drenched in sauce and then wrapped around meatballs.

Buzzy morning, attempting to wake up and do a dillion other things at once is never a good combination. Emails fixed, documents updated, digital deliveries accomplished.

Spent the afternoon helping dad who's due for a chimney sweeping tomorrow morning.
Trying to work up ideas to spark interest in in my nu Icon quest, meanwhile catching up on other holiday based commitments.

Glad to see that we're up a dollar today on Indiegogo and understand the the midpoint can be "the hump" of any telethon. Glad to be learning along the way, there was a bit of a learning curve to the back-end campaign running which will definitely contribute to future projects.

Quote of the day: "There are no mistakes as long as you learn something along the way. Remember, no matter how epic every journey begins with a single step and ROM wasn't burnt in a day. The heart is an open highway which is why I'm doing ~IT~ my way."

What do you think Dylon should do to attract attention to his nü Icon campaign?

A. Special Flash Sale T-Shirt?

B. Reddit AMA - Topic: Chain?

C. Memetic Onslaught?

D. Other?

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