Friday, 11 December 2015

It's All Adele's Fault?

Remember last week when one of my t-shirt designs was summarily banned from Teespring - apparently lacking in inspiration when too closely mocking pop-music sensation Adele?

Well, this week a friend noticed the reactionary Warhol inspired pop-art banners across my social media network and requested something similar based on a meme featuring their feline buddy.

This six cat by seven iteration fractal poster was the initial result -

Cat Copy #42

Overjoyed with the results, I asked my friend if his buddy would mind the sharing of his pop art visage via my shoppe on Society 6? His buddy agreed almost immediately - based on the principal of being a complete and utter attention whore.

Sharing a similar passion, I couldn't help toying with different mathematically inspired cat compositions based on Society 6's selection of museum quality print-on-demand merch:

Corner Kitty

Cat of Nine Tales

The Come Back Cat


Earlene, Arlene, Ilene, Ailene, Darlene, Charlene, Shirlene, Karlene, Celene, Jolene, Gaylene, 
Sharlene - Catness Everlene

The Chess Sire Cat 

Cat Peace in Shower

Cat Man Do 

This is a Catapestry!

Who Let the Bag Out Of the Cat

There Are More Ways to Skin the Cat Than Uno

Am I driving you a little catty? - here's a link to the entire Cat Copy #42 exhibit on Society 6 - with daily discounts and free shipping just in time for the holidays!

P.S.You may notice that the above link contains my Grumbledude Curator ID - as a Society 6 member I don't actually earn from affiliate links to my own art - but that doesn't mean that you can't - sign up today and start sharing your favorite art for fun and profit!

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