Friday, 11 September 2015

More crazy dreams and schemes?

Today's Chainman Banner brought to you by Scrapbook: a story of art and my overactive imagination.

When I was a young all I wanted to be was a famous wrestler like Hulk Hogan or Rowdy Roddy Piper - then life sorta happened and I ended up meandering my way through many ups and downs as a full time IT professional with a side interest in making and teaching the chain arts.

Fast forward 30 years and today, more than telling my own stories, I prefer helping other artists tell their. Much like Scrapbook a project which simply could not have been brought to life without the full time investment of 3 individuals combined with the blood, sweat and tears miracle of crowdfunding.

So no, the wrestling career is just another pigment of my imagination, but Scrapbook is just about as real as you can get with independent artist Jack Whyte telling his story in his own words and images.

How often does that not happen?

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