Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ever heard the fall of Pink Snow?

Awoke after lake night with fragment of dream where I was literally unable to find a pot to piss in.

Moved on to delicious pancakes and jungle room discussions before heading down to shop for new system installation part 2. This time I won by intimating system into compliance by waving around an extra long USB cable.

More network fun in the valley of the aun where a lovely dual-band Asus repeater is now happily chattering away to an equally spiffy Asus router. Missing 5ghz signal still a mystery for another day. Did manage sustained 5 bar connection for sample of Holy Ghost VS Pendulum & MC GQ - Baptazia part 2 and amazing kawaii puppies courtesy of PhotoGrid.

Had an excellent day scrapping booking with a sharp 20 pages composed and an official "yay" for finally blowing past the midway point for project. Retrieved wife from shop with excellent news of first official sale since upgrading with Shopify and for our brand new Pocket Art collection no less, talk about a bonus!
Homemade chicken fingers with panko and crushed corn chips for lunch before a production meeting to finalize more new products. Plus some other R&D materials; the future is looking so bright we're all going to have to wear shades.

Then it was back to pixel pushing for our upcoming Pocket Art series two, check out this cool video for a sneak preview. Plus an original piece of electronica composed by myself and a dearly departed friend with vocals by Booksie (you know who you are.)

Pink Snow is an homage to the early days of home computers. Both my friend and I started with Apple II computers that featured green monochrome monitors. One winter, after a particularly long day staring at the monitor, I looked out the window before supper only to discover that staring at the green for so long had caused the snow to literally glow in my vision with an unearthly pink hue.

Note to self: Begging with the eNovella 419, the Dyl W. Thrillogy continues with "Pink Snow Crash" a special short story containing the story of a scorned model turned cyborg assassin's quest to Kill Dyl in the as-of-yet-unreleased title COCKZILLA! ATOMIC BARNYARD AVENGER!

Glad to have managed a blog post, sad to have no new Chainman product today other than Pink Snow with 300x speed pixel scrubbing in the background for entertainment. Hope you enjoy, Chain on! Dylon

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