Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Know such thing?

Beardcember 17th, 2014 

(nü Icon Campaign Final Day)

Well, with the exception of an über generous 11-hour donation it seems that the nü Icon program wasn't form me, at least for the time being. The amount of learning and positive energy simply from participation was honestly overwhelming.

Not sure exactly which project I'm going to focus on next, other than regular Diary of a Chainman entries. 

Last night I dreamt of the most incredible chain shirt ever woven. Each link of the intricately fine mesh was microscopic in size and inscribed with a unique piece of wisdom.

The shirt was virtually weightless and magically imbued with the ability to perfectly counter any number of blows and neutralize any effects, granting the wearer effective immortality. As a bonus, the wearer was literally able to bend photons in such a way as to seamlessly render the wearer's avatar as anything imaginable. From invisible to resplendently flamboyant and everything in-between.

Mostly uneventful morning, did get a great beard self with some of the CMZ hairclips that we carry at the shop. Kind of a counter to all those beards I've seen woven with flowers or splendiferously adorned with Christmas ornaments.

Spent the afternoon working with Dad, we're ahead of schedule and our project is looking really good. Also got caught up on some other secret publisher business and learnt that one of my D.I.Y. titles is going into soft cover.

Rather reflective on the last time I visited New York City in 2000, can't believe it's been 14 years and that I haven't been back since 9/11.

Doing lots of reading this evening, trying to absorb as much information as possible. Keep meaning to absorb a speed reading course in order to increase reading speed and retention.

Apparently my mom's memory was excellent and so I've also had a life-long fascination with eidetic memory, also known as perfect recall.

One of my favorite books on the topic is Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein. Part of this title reminds me of an excellent Ted Talk entitled "The First 20 Hours - How To Learn Anything." The old paradigm was that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at a particular craft. But new research suggests that the first 20 hours of learning constitutes 90% of the importance in picking up new skills.

This means that simply by dedicating oneself to a particular topic for 45 minutes a day, a new skill can be acquired every month. Not quite the blistering speed of a Matrix skill download, but still better than your average RPG grind.

The more I think about this the more I'm convinced that I'm better here, online, playing my favorite game of Internet fame. As opposed to any of the purile and unimaginative derivative remakes that have flooded the market.

Why? Because I'm convinced that real VR is just around the corner and by the time it becomes widely available I want to be an early "full-dive" adopter with my eyes on the prize of virtual world developer. Heck, virtual and augmented realities may be key to mutually assured survival.

Watched The Maze Runner, wasn't as impressed as I hoped I might be. Seriously, if you want a real twist-ending read 419! Definitely need to lay down some digital ink to real labyrinthine stories. After the number of dungeons I've crawled though, I just might have something more original to add to what has become yet another tired genera. 

Quote of the Day - "When I was a kid I used to think sponge taffy was made from real sea sponges and that's why it was salty."

What question would you preferred to have encountered in this space?

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